render/bounce audio files advice

I have to transfer to another studio a current project for external mixing.
Everything has been edited here but they want only one continuous mono wav file starting at 00:00:00:00 for each corresponding mono track.

So I have to render/bounce audio files into one per track.
How should I proceed ?

If I reset all mixer settings (Volume, Pan, effects, etc), set L & R locators, does the “export audio downmix” with “Channel Batch Export” selected with all channels, “Mono Downmix” selected and “Create a new project” ticked will do the job ?
Thanks for any advice.


It sounds like they simply want consolidated files pre inserts. Use the range tool to select from session start to end across all tracks and then use the bounce function. You can then go into your audio files folder and sort by date to see all your new files.

Yes !
So easy, that’s what I want.
Thanks likelystory.