Render - confusion over regions

WaveLab 9.0.20, 32-bit. I make a montage and define CD tracks (with marker names and CD Text copied from them).

When I go to render, if I select “All CD tracks in Group”, it says it will use the CD track names for the files. But when I press Start I get the message “You have specified that you want to render regions, but there are none in the audio source (montage)”.

If I select “Regions”, it offers “CD tracks” as an option (the only one in this case), saying it will use “region names” for the files. The render works.

Two comments:

(1) Shouldn’t the first render have worked anyway? Or can I not operate on my single default group without doing something I haven’t discovered yet? Also, when it says “regions”, does it mean “CD tracks” in this instance (see below)?

(2) There is a little confusion because “region” can mean either “a section delimited by ‘region’ markers” or “a section delimited by any chosen type of markers, not only ‘region’ markers”. In the second instance, my confusion over the source of the file names would have been removed if the markers whose name were to be used were specified as the marker type selected rather than the generic (in this case) word “region”.


For #1: this is referring to the new feature in WaveLab to assign CD Track Groups to existing CD tracks which I personally use to make vinyl and cassette pre-masters. I can assign the CD tracks to Group A or B, render a continuous file of that entire Group (AKA album side) as one file, and then generate a PDF track report of the CD Track Group so the times for the track markers on the report for each group/side makes sense with the actual rendered file.

My guess is that you actually don’t want to be using CD Track Group for your renders here, and you probably didn’t define a CD Track Group (see screen shot) which is why you got the error message.

For #2: You probably want to render “All Regions” and regions being defined as “CD Tracks” in which case the region marker names are used as WL tells you. I do see how this language could be cleaned up a bit so it’s less confusing. I have gotten so used to it that I didn’t think about it how you describe.
CD Track Group.png

Thanks for pointing this out. I was rash enough to assume that the default render selection would be one that did something, whereas it assumes I’ve grouped my CD tracks - right…

Too many concepts using the same name! Not only “region”, as I noted, but “group” (File Group, Track Group, grouped clips, etc). Perhaps the words should be qualified more often to retain clarity.