Render Device Panel settings on midi file


I created a device panel for my keyboard instrument (KETRON SD9). And I don’t know how to save the settings which I made on the device panel directly in one of the track in sequencer, or bounce it to midi file.

For example, I change the attack and release on my device panel, and I want to save this two statements (CC73 & CC72) in one of the track on the sequencer. Now when I want to save this commands, I write it manually (in List Editor), or use an automation and the option ‘Merge MIDI in loop’. But I will use longer or more complicated MIDI commands (like NRPNs or Sysexs) and this two ways which I wrote about will be really uncomfortable for doing it. I’m thinking about option like “Freeze MIDI Modifiers” which convert the settings in MIDI Modifier section to the MIDI event. Have Cubase 9 Pro a similar function for device panels? Or have you got another ideas for doing it?

P.S. Sorry for my English