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When using render in Place or Audio Mixdown on a set of tracks how do we render each track in mono?

We record in mono so when rendering tracks to do further mixing wewould like to render in mono.

I am sure it is easy but the function has eluded me so far… :frowning:

Create an empty mono output in Connections (F4) and temporarily assign your track you want mono when rendering.


Hi Janko!

Thank you for your reply.

Are you suggesting that to batch for example, 36 tracks render in mono you suggest opening the mixer, resetting the routing for each channel to a mono mix, then doing that again for each track, so mixing down 36 tracks you would need to do that 36 times!

There must be an easier way!

File/Render In Place and File/Export/Audio Mixdown/Channel Batch Export work ok just that we do not really want The extra work of having to mixdown in stereo channels later, especailly if, as often happens, we decide to change the panning radically at a later stage.


In the export screen, in the left upper corner you can choose Batch Export. You can export the tracks there, one by one or all together. It will pass the output buss and it will stay the same as it really is: mono will stay mono, stereo will stay stereo.

Hi MaXxive!

Thank you for your reply.

You now I must be missing a setting somewhere because when we do the Audio Batch Mixdown mono files render as stereo.


You could always use the check box ‘Mono Downmix’. Then it will definitely be Mono :slight_smile:

Hi MaXxive!

Thank you for your reply.

Yes unfortunately checking ‘Mono downmix’ creates two mono files per channel Channel 1 L and Channel 1 R. :slight_smile:

Umm. There has to be a better way. Has anybody done this? :question:

As Ive said- create a mono out in VST connection and then choose the tracks you want to export mono in the mixer.
Hold shift+al(its the quick link shortcut) to assign them a mono out all at once(in the routing section). Then you can go to batch export and export them all at once- tracks with mono output bus will render as mono, track with a stereo output bus will render as stereo.

Its a bit clumsy I know but there is no direct way o render mono traks to mono if they are assigned to a stereo output/Bus.
AS a tip- I always save to a new project marked stems before I do thid not to break the original project assignments.

Thank you Janko!

You know this works so that is good although in practice it is probably too time-consuming. Nuisance really. :cry:

That could be a feature-request for the Audio Mixdown dialog although I understand I would need to post such a request elsewhere.

Hi Stephan - have a read up on the new ‘Direct Routing’ facility introduced at C8. Not at my machine for now, and not entirely sure of all its capabilities, but it allows routing to several destinations at once. So, if you set up one ‘dummy’ mono output in the VST Connections, add the DR (pointing to the dummy out) to those tracks you want as mono and batch export (choosing the dummy output).

This should save having to fuss with re-routing and/or setting the mono downmix in the Export Dialog, then re-routing back to how you had things, etc…

(Just thought, different routing in/outputs would be a neat addition to Track Versions capabilities…)

Anyway, I think I’ve got that right… I may have missed a detail or two… please, don’t shoot me…!

It might help…

Good luck,

Direct routing helps as a preview option(and as an option not to loose the original routing), however rendering always refers to the first output slot(in normal and summing mode), so if you want to render mono you have to set mono out to the first slot.


This from the Manual:-

The Direct Routing rack allows you to set and activate outputs for all selected channels at once.

In addition to the main output you can set up 7 routing destinations that are positioned post-fader and post-panner in the signal path. This allows you to switch the destination of channels, and create different mix versions in one go. The direct routing features are available for audio, instrument, FX channel tracks, groups, and output busses.

Don’t think its just for monitoring/previewing…

I was refering to preview in connection with rendering- Direct routing can feed different destinations yes (at the same time when in summing mode), however when you try to render Cubase will look at the first output slot (which is also the one in normal output section)

Ah…! ok, thank you Janko Kezar…

sorry for this ‘red herring’ of mine Stephan… thought I was on to something… :wink:

Actually your option would be grea, if you could define which slot to render- it would avoid breaking the original output assignments.

Even better option would be to just have a tickbox for rendering mono tracks to mono (like it is in StudioOne)

I am on Cubase 7.5.3. When I select “Mono Downmix” during audio batch export, it creates single mono files. I have to select “Split Channels” if I want to create 2 mono files for every stereo channel.

Hello galvinstephen.

we are all hoping to see the mono export option with RIP in one of the next C8 updates. Till then, creating new mono outs in the VST connections and “record” them in to new mono tracks in the project makes a lot of sense - especially if you want to repeat this procedure. This is a little work when you start the project but once set up, it works pretty smooth. I have not taken this approach yet myself but I will do it next weekend and save the whole setup as project template.

In the scree shot you have sent I can see that you plan to create the exprots as MP3 files in 320 kBit. In case you plan to distribute the files to the rest of the band in a sort of rehearsal project (I’m creating S1 Free projects for all members of my band with 16 mono tracks and upload it to my could so everyone can download it and use it for rehearsal at home), I would recomend you to export it in Flac format (maximum compression). This is a loss free compression format that can be edited without having to convert to WAV first. In order to get smaller files, I export these 16 tracks in 16-bit mono. You can drag and drop them either in S1 or in Cubase without reconverting to WAV at import.



It works just like this on my Cubase 7.5.20 (Audio Mixdown), so maybe it was changed in CP8:

______ Mono vocal in ___Render___Mono vocal out.

I guess one could just drag the file into Cubase 7, render as a mono file, and then drag it back, as one way to do it.

Can someone explain to me please (I’m just trying to follow how more experienced people think), why not just copy and bounce the original track (+/- “Make Real Copy”), and use the bounced track for any further processing?

“Mono downmix” will create one mono file per track. You must have “Split Channels” / “L/R Channels” selected.

Here’s a bounce of the two selected stereo tracks using Mono Downmix:

Each one came out mono.

OK. Thank you.

I knew there would be an easy answer. I must have had split channel or L/R selected. :blush:

Many thanks to contributors.


Well the original project had thirteen tracks about 45minutes each recorded in 24bit .wav format and was slowing the machine down with dropouts so was unsuable. We needed to isolate a particular song, render the files, then mixdown, so that was the reason we could not use the Project ‘Duplicate Track’ function.