Render in place applied to folders

Would be nice to be able to “render in place” content of folders.
Instead of using macros or complex automated tasks, if we could just click on several folders in the session, click on “bounce in place”, and get stems of the content of all those folders with the sends of each track included, I’d love it.

+1 for this!

This is STEM Export made easy! Look forward for that. The key thing here is to be able to select a group of tracks (STEMS) that could be inside a Folder track, call them Stem 1, Stem 2, Stem 3 etc, and get it bounced back or exported out BUT passing through the final Master channel (Stereo Out) with its processing plugins: Mastering compressors, magneto, Mastering Eqs whatever. As if we did group by group or Folder track group, by Folder track group. And that would automate the process and SAVE A HUGE LOT of TIME!!! Go Steinberg, Go!

+1 - thought this would be an essential part of the render in place functionality

Just to explain a little bit better:

What many people want, is a way to speed up and automate the mixdown process and specially STEM Delivery. STEMs Delivery is a standard in the industry, both in Cinema and TV.

After mix it all, i would love just to select on the batch export my STEMS grouped: or inside Folder Tracks or directed to Group Tracks.

Problem 1: Folder tracks doesnt appear in the Batch Export Menu
Problem 2: Group tracks does appear BUT, if batch export the group tracks it doesnt export passing through the final Master/MIx Channel (Stereo out) and its plugins processings.

I tried to just clone all the plugin in the master channel and paste them in each STEM Group Channel, BUT it does sound different than IF i do a Mixdown of Each group channel, and if i do a batch export selecting each group channel, as in the Batch export it doesn pass through the master channel processing. We need an option somewhere in the batch channel dialog window that enable each group channel (or even may any kind of track!!!) passing through the Stereo Out channel/output. It is a matter of signal flow.

As a heavy user of Cubase the next workaround we thinks is: Hey, Render inplace DOES pass through the “Complete Signal Path + Master FX” Great! So to speed up the STEM delivery all i would need to is to group my Stems in Separate Folders: each Folder is one STEM and then Hit Render in Place and voilla i have my STEMs in the project and all i need to do is to go the Audio folder of the project, and copy them, zip and send to the client/post production etc. BUT, no, actually we don´t have the possibility to do Render in Place just by Selecting Folder Tracks. Ok, maybe someone may argument: Why don´t you just select all the tracks and events in the Folder track and do a render in place? But then i am not automating the process as i would have to go Folder by Folder. I (and maybe many Cubase user) want to select lets say 4 Folders and Render them separate as Separate STEM Tracks.

OR, just be able to export the STEMS via Group Channel Tracks, using the Batch Export, but with the option of going via the “Complete Signal + Master FX”.

So there is basically 2 solutions to the same problem.

Also, if Steinberg could do a sort of render queue, sort of what Reaper does, that would be amazing.

Also, be able to export in multiple file formats at the same time, like WAV and Mp3 in one go, generating the 2 files, that would be great, as some daws already do it.

I am sure all of this is piece of cake to Cubase programmers, just a matter of time to see it in the next releases. I look forward for it. Thank you Steinberg! Go Go go! :slight_smile: