render in place bounces every track in vst rack instruments?

I love the render in place feature. Is there a setting to prevent it from making more tracks than needed when bouncing a rack instrument with multiple audio outputs?

similar question: is there a way to have it render according to the vst instrument outputs? I have, say, two midi tracks that work together, using two similar but not exactly the same instruments loaded into kontakt. They are routed together to one K5 output, and I’d like to render them together. The next two midi tracks go to two more instruments and to a second k5 output, and I’d like them together too. Altogether I have 16 midi tracks in pairs, 8 pairs of 2, and 8 outputs from Kontakt, and would like to get 8 audio tracks from the render.

I came across issue this yesterday rendering a track from Halion 5 produced multiple extra silent audio tracks. Like the OP I’d like to know Is there a setting somewhere to avoid this?

I’d like †o know †oo. Happens with play (eastwest)

I have found if you render more than one track at once this extra blank track creation does not happen. It does not seem to matter if it’s the same instrument or not. If you render only one track / event on a rack instrument it makes as many audio files / tracks as there are outputs from that instrument.

This is kind of a pain in the butt as I have to erase a bunch of blank tracks after each render of multi out rack instrument, has this ever been addressed or has anyone found a setting or workaround to prevent this?

other than a key command to remove selected tracks, no.

I see this still exists. Are there any new workarounds instead of manually deleting the extra silent rendered tracks each time?

Just ran into this. It creates a ton of extra work having to delete 14 tracks when I just want two rendered. Is there a workaround?

"What you want to do is FILE>EXPORT>AUDIO MIXDOWN.
On the dialog, at top left, switch to “batch export” and select the instruments you want to bounce. At bottom under “import to project” choose “audio track” (“Pool” will auto select).
This will export any selected tracks, within the locator region, including any inserts and fader settings.
Use the naming conventions however you’d like to best be able to identify the tracks (this is where logical track naming shows its benefits!)
After its done, you’ll have each instrument bounced to separate audio tracks. After making sure they sound how you like, you can delete the original VSTi tracks. " - I cannot recall where this procedure came from but it works.

Yes, that will work, but that’s more work than deleting the extra tracks.
One button to render one track is what I would love to see.
Because all this is happening in a computer it’s all just an idea.

So here’s an even better idea?

when I set up my template I would have this extra “midi to audio” bus that I would associate with all my VEP returns that I would point back to my midi tracks. Then with a key command like “Convert midi to audio” my midi region would turn into audio, then I could see both the midi and the audio in 2 lanes and be able to edit back and forth as needs change.