Render in place Bug (sound cut)

Hi!, I’'ve been with this problem for a while, since Nuendo 11, I use MAC m1 Max, 32 gb of Ram, mainly with Kontakt…
I’ve made a video, it happens with all my libraries, I’ve to render a few times to get the sound without cuts, any Idea? it happens in an Empty session with the latest version of all my VST3 instruments, Native Mode and rosetta, is the same…
Is there any tip to fix this?

Another Bug

A quick test… it doesn’t happen on my system (Win11, RME Fireface)

So this is a Mac Problem (m1), this test is with no vst o vst 3 loaded, only Nuendo Default

Since you are doing renders for instruments, this isn’t really the case… VSTi are VST as well.

I will do more testing tomorrow…

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