Render In Place creates timing issues

Windows 10, Cubase 9.5.30

I have comped together a multitrack drum recording. I want to consolidate all the files (get rid of the track versions, unused lanes etc.), so I render all the drum tracks in place (rip) with settings dry and keep originals unchanged. I get the new tracks, but what lined up originally doesn’t line up anymore. Below example for measure 107.2 first in rip version then in original tracks. See the hats (hh).

Firstly, the muted sections are unmuted in the ripped version; they should be silent. I think that has already been reported. But also the timing doesnt align anymore, as visible in my screenshots below. I dont know if Cubase took different lanes (takes) or if it moved tracks by some ms, but this is not right.

I think I encountered this problem also before last update, but I didn’t take any screenshots.

I haven’t seen a good report of this problem on the forum so I started a new one.


There are A LOT of posts in the bug forum about render timing issues. Biggest ones being like yours - RENDER MESSES UP TIMING.

I reported this one going all the way back to Cubase 6:

I was assured by the moderators that this issue was fixed and for $300 I could buy the upgrade that fixes it.

No mention of a patch for the version I ALREADY bought, however… :imp: