Render in place doesn´t work

Render in place doesn´t work. I can only do audio mixdown in the normal way.


Works here, use it every day.

same here - every day, but i found that when it doesnt work its something i haven’t done.
let us know the steps you take to render, maybe we can compare steps. like once i forgot to select the parts i want and went crazy trying to figure out why it didnt work, by the way i did have a liquid lunch that day!

I think part(s) of a track has to be named as desired, then rendering works as expected - at least in my case.

Same, when I select multiple containers and do render in place, Cubase stop rendering before all containers are rendered.
Also Audio containers doesn’t take the fx chain I used.: Group fx are not rendered when I select complete signal path

Group fx ? Do you mean send fx, or fx on a group track?

Yes Fx on a group track. I have vocals with a signal path to a group track with a Reverb insert. Choose Render with Signal path = Vocal Dry