Render in place doesn't render all channels

I’m using render in place on a MIDI track routed to 13 multiple audio outs in Kontakt, and it’s only rendering the first 11 outputs, omitting the last 2. I’ve looked through all the settings multiple times and there doesn’t seem to be any track limit or option I’m missing. Is this a bug or am I doing it wrong? Thanks!

UPDATE: I just got it to export all the channels I’m using by enabling the Kontakt outputs that were disabled between two active ones. So if Stereo 1 is active, but Stereo 2-4 are not, and then Mono 1-15 are active, I have to enable Stereo 2-4 in order to get all my channels to render. I hope that makes sense to someone… anyway yeah I got it working but I can foresee it being a pain to have to go in and delete inactive channels every time I render something multitimbral.

Yes, confirmed. That’s it since Render in Place day one. It’s a painful process. I use it with BFD2 first, then with BFD3. Same issue and same workaround (turning on every outs then deleting the useless empty tracks).