Render in Place error with Groove Agent


I hope somebody can help me with this, I’ve not come across it before.

I’m trying to Render out a Groove Agent track. But when I do, it just presents me with the empty audio tracks - no actual files. There are files in the selected output folder, but they’re only a few k and silent. I’ve uploaded some screen shots.

Any ideas?

routing problem.
the signal is not being captured when rendering.
with no specifics on system there is no direct solution on offer.

kind regards,

Yep, good point.

It’s Artist 8.0.40, the latest update. Running on Windows 7. As far as I can tell everything is routed in the same way as normal - each instrument is running to it’s own output in the mixer. As I said, this is the first time I’ve encountered this problem.
Any other info you need?

Many thanks for your reply!


I’m still getting this problem. All the instruments are routed to individual outputs in GA and appear as individual tracks in the mixer… but no renders.

Any ideas?