render in place extra options

I normally send many instruments to a group, sometimes the group has send fx also
mostly its just the instrumental track that has send fx ,I noticed in the render in place options that you have to include group settings if you want to render the send fx in place. could there be an option for send fx to be rendered for the track and leave out the group settings being included?.
or maybe a render in place option for send fx only so we can quickly make a seperate recording of the send fx or inserts. this would be so handy when required to have the reverb/fx recorded separately to the dry instrument

please add comments if you think this would be handy

Yes, there could be this nice box like in MIDI export

to check

  • Render Pre

  • Render Inserts

  • Render Channel Strip

  • Render Sends

  • Render Output settings

Also the option of “Render Sends separately” would be useful

+1 Good idea

Even if not all items could be included, perhaps some could be. “Render Inserts/Sends Only” +1

(Re: Render Settings: In another post of mine on Render Settings, I suggest adding “Naming Scheme” to the Render Settings dialogue. Having that would help manage the increased functionality of RIP Settings your post envisions

I’ve mostly ignored Render In Place because it includes the fader level which doesn’t make any sense to me.

And a check box “render mono if tracks are mono” !

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