Render In Place for "Folder Blocks"

I’m in love with the Render In Place options. I do lots of game sound and it’s such a time saver to export multiple sounds at once with a customizeable naming scheme.

But while testing I hit a wall and can’t seem to wrap my head around it.

Here’s the situation I have in Nuendo:
In game sound, I layer a lot of files on multiple tracks to get a final sound effect. And in order for one sound, say, a fireball explosion, not to sound the same when it is played 3 times in a row, I create multiple variations of this sound. This means I have this fireball explosion sound, say, made of 5 tracks, and I have 3 variations of this sound with slightly different settings each.

This is what I’m trying to do
I would now like to export these 3 variations, made up of these 5 tracks, as 3 audio files using the customizeable naming scheme. I thought this would be possible by “Block Events”. But it creates a single file for each of the 5 tracks. I hoped it would merge, or mix down these tracks and take them as one block, and only create 3 sound effect files.

Partial solution
I think I managed to do that by checking the “Mixdown to one track” option, but with this enabled, I cannot profit from the automatic naming scheme I set up. I have to provide a name for each export operation, which is annoying as I have set up my track names carefully. Also, this way I would need to select every sound effect block in a project file for manual exporting.

And another problem
I tried making folders of these sound effects. So each sound variation of a sound effect is represented by a “folder block”. I then tried selecting such a block and do a “Render in Place” but it doesn’t work. Render In Place only takes real audio events.

Isn’t there any possibility to select a bunch of folder blocks and say, Render In Place, and it would take the name from the folder track for the naming scheme, put the mixed down folder through the Master FX and create one file per folder block? This would be so awesome and I could re-print an entire project if I changed a Master FX, and didn’t have to export every sound effect manually.

Doesn’t this work? Or is there another way how this is done?


Maybe if you make cycle markers and then bounce through the export audio window where you select export cycle markers.

That’s a similar workaround to selecting a block of events and then selecting “mixdown to on track”. The thing is, then I have to do the work twice. I already set up my track names carefully, but then I need to really also create markers and name them too, which is double the work.

And then I also cannot export a folder, but have to export the Stereo Out to get the master FX. Which means I can only export one sound effect with its variations at a time and have to mute all the rest.

It would work, that’s true, but it’s only a workaround. Thanks for the tip though.

“Mixdown to one track” does what it says on the tin. It creates a single audio file from multiple selected tracks, events/parts, so it’s one at a time.

AFAIK it’s not possible to do what you need in one move using RIP.

You could consider changing your workflow to suit RIP. Perhaps use “Mixdown to one track” first as an in place process, then split the resulting event as required and lastly use RIP export to take advantage of the naming scheme.

Or maybe first mix to stems on a new audio track, split, and then use RIP export to take advantage of the naming scheme.

hey stingray, thanks for the hints. yeah changing the workflow would help, but it’s always some extra steps and thus time. alas, currently there’s no way around it, though. i’m going to add a feature request in the other forum to make folders alsi render in place-able.