render in place for midi tracks

render in place for midi tracks that routed to midi hardware device would be useful and time saver for those who use external midi hardware.
i know it’s possible to create an “external instrument track” but it seems it will render only 1 channel of that instrument(the actual instrument track) but no other midi tracks (channels) that connected to that midi hardware.


the function you speak of exists and functions. I created in external device for each of my hardware synthesizers an entry in cubase by this same menu (external device).
the bounce function then works.

if you add midi tracks because this synthesizer is multitimbral, you must then drag the data from the midi track to the master track of the created external synth. then the bounce function can work for any midi channel.

that’s what i want to avoid,dragging one midi track/event at a time to the external instrument track and render.what if i use 3 external synths with 40 midi channels ?!
it should work as a regular vsti track,which will render its associate midi tracks

OK I understand. I am in the process of developing macros which might help you. when i’m done i’m giving you a sign.

+++ 1 !!!