Render In Place Has Dropouts and Clicks In Rendered Audio Tracks

Hi, using Cubase 12 Pro, Windows 11 Pro.

There seems to be a problem with Render In Place. There are times when I render out some VSTs, the audio tracks have clicks, even dropouts in them!

Any help would be much appreciated, thank you.


Could you try to Solo the track before you Render In Place it, please?

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Hey, it works! Thanks man!

But what if I have a hundred tracks to Render? Should I select them all and solo all of them?

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Would also like to know. “Render In Place” works perfectly fine on my Mac with multiple (ca. 20 tracks) simultaniously but doing the same on Windows is causing dropouts. CPU/RAM on my Windows machnine should be sufficient (i7 10th gen and 64GB ram, my Mac has an older i7 CPU and also 64 GB ram).