Render in place in a ONE sample

Hey. I am trying to render several samples in one to work with it then but render in plase rendering each track seperately. Are there any option how to do that? Maybe I can use a logical editor somehow? And one more important thing - I need to render exacly that part wich i choose in editor area backgroud. Can someone help to do that? Thanks


Cubase always Renders all Audio Returns of the given Instrument.

That’s why I am looking for a solution I described

Maybe I can render master signal with shortcut?


Route all the given Outputs to a Group Channel. Then go for Export Audio Mixdown, and export just this given Group.

Yep, but then I will have a group which I don’t need, an additional rubbish in a project unfortunately.

of simply set the locators for the parts you want exported, go to export and only select the relevant channels for the samples in question, output to a stereo file and you’re done.
If you have no other channels/layers in that looped section, as in, what you have shown on your screenshot is all there is, you can simply export the stereo output.

Just normal export? It will work BUT - i will have a rendered semple somewhere else and then i have to take this sample and put into the project. Its an auful render in place option :slight_smile:

In Cubase 12 and 13 at least, when you go to Export > click on the Drop down arrow and you can use the Project Audio Folder, so it puts it in the project audio folder.


Although the Audio Pool doesn’t refresh to reflect the newly created file, so you’ll have to drag it manually from that folder into Cubase. It doesn’t even give you the option to copy it since it knows it’s already part of the project audio folder, just a bug or by design why the pool cannot be refreshed, @Martin.Jirsak - something Steinberg to fix?

What @SoundOf said plus:
Insert into project after rendering option.


Good point, missed that.

I once went through a period where I would export a mix, and then import it to master it. Too lazy to do it, these days.

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