Render in Place is Crashing Cubase Pro 9


I Render In Place and then move the bounced audio to another track. If I then try to remove the original track that was created by the bounce, Cubase Pro 9 freezes and must be forced-close.

I have recreated this several times. If I open the session and try to remove the track, however, the crash does not happen.

In fact Render In Place seems very buggy all around. I am not sure if it is an interaction with Kontakt (5.6.5) or something else.

If I do a Render in Place, my audio stops working. Also, if I try to undo the Render in Place, Cubase completely hangs.

Not being able to bounce tracks in place makes the software fairly useless when you need to bounce down dozens of CPU hungry sampler based tracks for final mix; I am not going to use MIDI volume to balance sounds throughout, or Export Audio to handle all the tracks and parts - that’s just archaic.

It seems that the most reliable crash comes from attempting to Dry RIP a track with Kontakt as a source. I am able to do it successfully as Complete Signal Path. However, doing its as Dry (Tranfer Channel Settings) results in an empty clip and no audio from any channel (until restart) and if I try to undo it, the whole program hangs and has to be force closed.

Using Cubase Pro 9.0.1


Did you have any further issues? My system is now doing the same. Still trying to find the source of the problem. I am using Kontact but having these issues with all render options.