Render In Place: Midi overlapping parts=1 audio event?

Why does Nuendo create 1 audio event after rendering-in-place 2 midi parts which overlap, even when “as separate events” has been selected?
The 2 midi parts each contain 1 event (1 note), the parts overlap but the containing events don’t…

I expected Nuendo to create 2 audio-events which overlap the same way as the midi parts do?
Am I doing something wrong?

Niek/ Amsterdam

That’s expected behavior. Depending on your render tail settings it can also render a single audio event for multiple MIDI parts if it calculates that they will overlap.

…but what means : “as separate events” then?
I can understand your answer when I had “as 1 event” selected…but I selected “as separate events”…then why can’t it simply render 2 “separate events”?

…very confusing…
Niek/ Amsterdam

If you have 2 events which are separated by silence (and where your render tail won’t cause an overlap) then it will indeed render separate events. The alternative is to render silence between selected.

Thanks, I think I do understand the Render dialog-functionality, I just can’t deal with the fact that “separate events” are actually -sometimes- “merged events”…
I have my workaround though: render 2 times: first the first midi part which overlaps the second and then the second midi part which is being overlapped by the first…