Render in place multi out !

It could be very usefull if with a multi out vsti instrument track, the multi out were rendered separatly on different audio tracks. Actually they’re bounced on a single one. Usefull for drum vstis with multi out like addictive drums.

This is still working… (i just rendered Addictive Drums2). But, there are some issues. You have to select one event only and enable all multi outs. This works in my case :slight_smile:

Gosh… Thanks ! 2nd time in a few days i ask for a feature that’s already here :laughing: ! Never heard about the “you have to select all the outputs” trick. Will try this tomorrow. Hope they will fix that soon because so far cubase 8 is very reliable and usable and with this render in place, the 7.5 days are numbered !

Hmm… I still don’t get it. I tried a few times in the last days, but can’t make it work. Tried with addictive drums 1 & ezdrummer 1. What i do is : create a drum instrument track, activate all the instrument outputs, create a midi clip (with all on the same clip - bd, sn, hh, etc), select all the vsti output tracks in the arranger view, then render. But each time i have a single stereo file, with all instruments melted. Any idea ?

Ok, i get it finally. But you actualy have to select your midi loop, dissolve the midi container in midi note layers, then select the newly created containers one after the other and render separatly. Not handy at all and really time consuming, imo.


i wonder if the multiout rendering of multitimbrial Instruments is even intendet bei steinberg?
the manual of C8 doesn’t make this clear to me. Yes you can render multiple audio tracks to either seperate audio or mix them togehter. But doing this with a single Instrument Track that has just multiple audio outputs doesn’t seem to be intended. It works though. At least with up to 12 Tracks. I tried this with Slate Drums SSD4 and BFD3. More than 12 Tracks will not be rendert. :question: :confused:

Hmmm… can i ask you how you proceeded to render bfd3 without having to dissolve the original midi container to different midi layers ? It just don’t seem to work here. I mean : single instrument track with multiout instrument rendered on different audio tracks (kick, snare, hh, etc).
Thanks :sunglasses:

have no problem with GA4 here… on all 16 outputs at once…
just assigning the drums sound(pads) to whatever output i want and render in place the midi part(without dissolve it first)

Edit: tried it with BFD Eco- and its the same as with GA4 both in instruments track and rack

Oh yea it actually works very well. U just render the midi part and it will render all the audio outs… I wish it wouldnt render the ones with no audio though! lol

Is there anyway to to make the outputs mono?

Ok, i finally get it and it’s working pretty well ! :smiley: I did not realize you have to select '“dry” or “channel settings” in the render dialog box. "complete signal path " was selected, and it’s not working with this setting (by design).
Thanks fromser, Novikthewise, mozizo & realizment2 !
And thanks steinberg, of course !

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They need a mono button.


Wow, it was a long road until I found this answer! Thank you! Finally! lol