Render in place multiple instrument tracks

Can anyone else confirm this?

When I select two instrument tracks and r.i.p, both audio files are a render of the first instrument only.

During the render you can see cubase solo the first track and render it. Then it highlights the next track but then quickly returns to the first, solos it and renders it again but with the audio sitting under the second instrument track.

Very annoying. Means i have to render my instrument tracks one by one.

The workaround seems to be selecting the events as well as the tracks but this then seems to cause problems if there are any muted events on the track…

Quick test here works fine.

You’re really not helping anyone to help you…no idea what o/s you’re on, what instruments you’re using, whether there is anything non standard such as VEP hosting going on, whether you have any multi outs on the instruments.

Did you try a simple test in a new project?