Render in Place naming?

Hi, so I’m using RIP a lot on many Midi and Instrument tracks and just wondering if I am missing something obvious here but when I Render a Midi event or Audio, I have the Padlock locked (in settings) and overtime I render something, the Event is named but the actual Track isn’t. The track is always named "Stereo Out ® 1 etc

Man, surely there is a setting to make it render the same name as the Event is given? I just render 50 Tracks worth of Events and now have to rename every one manually? Sorry if I missed something here but I can’t find any options to change this.

I have tried with midi, instrument, Audio inside Cubase and Midi Track tracks connected to VEPro6.



You should check your render settings to not render the channels through the whole signal path.
Im not @ the studio so cant check exact. but it should be somrhing like that.
I think there are 3 or 4 options, like “render” clean, “render channels with it settings” and “render with complete signal path…”
if you choose 1 or 2 , than the name of the rendered channel will be given to the “render” but with a R at the start or end of the file name.
As said im not in the studio, but it should be something like this.

Also, if you can’t get it to name as you like, you can use the Tab key to tab through track names in the Project Window Inspector…


Thanks for the advice but I have just been through each setting and when using RIP on a Midi track connected to a Rack Instrument that’s connected to VEPro, none of the Rendered Audio tracks have the name from the Midi track. The Event gets the name but the Audio Track gets named “Stereo Out ® 1” If I choose “Dry” or “Channel Settings” then Cubase renders each of the VEPro Outputs. Anyone experiencing this with Cubase Pro 9 and Vepro 6? Surely;y it isn’t designed like this is it? If the name of the Midi Track is then the name of the newly rendered audio, why would it not name the actual Audio track as well even if the track being rendered comes from VEPro or inside Cubase?

I don’t know Vepro6, so can’t speak to that specifically. On some of my instruments (modest collection), the rendered name follow the midi tracks (per render in place naming scheme or choice), but the audio outputs can different names than MIDI tracks and the final audio output file is governed by the naming scheme (link below).

For example, Groove Agent names the audio outs as Master, Out 1, Out 2, Out 3… Those then have to be Renamed – Kick, Snare, and so out. I use track and output names to help me organize the project, so I know what instrument or audio track is generating which sound.

For example, a typical Groove Agent kit of mine might include – GA Master Out/FX, Kick GA Out 2, Snare GA Out 3 and so on. Another Instrument, Transfuser, names its audio outputs – TR 1, Tr 2, Tr3…Tr 8, but any Midi Tracks and Any RIP tracks are named according to the RIP settings. I find that if I’ve done an RIP, then I likely won’t be exporting that audio track. It can get crazy with a lot of fader clutter, but you can get exactly what you want, which, imho, is a real strength of the program and worth the effort to make it work.

Good luck, I’m sure it will get worked out.

Naming Scheme Dialog –