Render In Place only rendering SOME of the tracks

I’m using Steven Slate Drums and I routed each drum track so that I can process them separately. The playback is happening as intended BUT when I click on the MIDI region and try Render In Place Cubase only renders a few of them, and it seems very random. It renders my stereo outputs (Cymbals, Room 1, Room 2, and SLR). I thought it only renders the stereo ones but it also renders KICK DIR which is mono.
Screen Shot 2022-11-24 at 7.26.18 PM

All my other mono tracks (tom mics, snare mics etc.) are not rendered. Any help is appreciated. I want to be able to commit my programmed drum tracks. Thanks in advance!

UPDATE: All of them get rendered when I rerouted them to stereo outputs. But then why was KICK DIR rendered the first time when it was mono? Weird.

In the Project Window make sure you can see Tracks for all your outputs. Then draw in blank/empty MIDI Parts (or empty Audio Event on an audio only Track) where you want the rendering to occur.

Also if you are using Direct Routing the first slot needs to be selected, doesn’t matter where it is routed but it needs to be selected.

Same issue here… @Pars_Vural did you get any info somewhere, why this might happen? any help aprecciated. Thanks!