Render In Place producing blank audio

I Render In Place a fair amount but can’t figure this out. I started to Render every Instrument Track to audio. Several Tracks in I noticed none of the new Tracks showed a waveform. So I canceled and tried on just one Track which you can see in the pic - MIDI on top, flat audio below & Render settings. Nothing weird with the routing and all plays fine using the VSTi. But the rendered audio is blank.

Is this a VSTi you’ve used before or is it a new one?

Are you sure the Vsti’s not in Multi mode , i had this with GA5e and it was to do with the multiple outs , once i rerouted them it rendered perfectly

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I’m pretty sure it is not related to any VSTi. In the pic I’m showing just one test Track I did after finding the problem - and that is a Kontakt bass that I’ve used and rendered many times. But when this initially happened I had set it up to render 20+ Tracks. After it had done about 7 Tracks I noticed none of them showed waveforms and were all blank. But the VSTi’s were from all over - Kontakt, Halion, AES & none of them rendered properly. But they all playback just fine.

There is a “glitch” that has plagued Cubase for years.
If you have a multi inst REGARDLESS of what you are rendering it will produce empty tracks along with the track that gets rendered…

Now, are you saying that you allowed the process to render ALL THE WAY through and it still yielded nothing?

Yes exactly.

After playing with this some more it seems that Audio Tracks are also being rendered blank. But it is not consistent - some render fine while others don’t. Looking for what’s different between them now.

Here sometimes blank, and most of the times (in large projects coming from 9.5) happen this:

Think I’ve sorted this out, would appreciate someone verifying.

This is related to Direct Routing (not in Summing Mode, no idea what that causes). If you are using Direct Routing on an Instrument or Audio Track (and I presume others, but I haven’t checked) and are routing to the top slot it will render correctly. But if you route to any other slot it will render a blank file.

So in this pic the Channel on the left will render blank and the one on the right will produce audio. And it’s not because the slot is set to Stereo Out, any destination in the top slot works.


That makes sense , i think when i altered the GA5se path i did remove a direct routing thinking about it , will check in a bit