Render in Place query...

hi =)

When i render in place, i sometimes insert a effect for one little part… I then like to render that part with the FX and then empty my fx slot again…

rendering with the Channel settings makes an audio file on a new track. (with the effect included and with the volume of the fader at the default 0 volume level.

I would however like to drag the new effected audio back onto the original track…
–and this is where the catch is–

the rendered audio snippet has the volume fader at a 0 level and is always too quiet if i want to drag it back onto the original track… (I always have to increase the gain like crazy for it to fit back in on the original track)

Is there a way of rendering that i can just drag the rendered audio back onto the render source track?
if yes, nice, how?
if no, please add this new level matched render option to the “render in place” dialogue



Could you use Offline Process instead of the Insert effect and Render? Wouldn’t it makes more sense in this case?

hi martin=)

thx for your solidarity…

the offline process would not make sense… sadly…


  1. I would like to tweak the effect in real time and in context with the mix to find the setting that fits.
  2. Sometimes the tails are longer than the 10000ms of the offline capability
  3. Its kind of awkward using the offline process for creative fx… (it is better for RXconnect stuff etc)
  4. I have a fast render workflow - use selection tool, highlight the audio and X empty space - use render KC, done.
    I do this quite often and i really do not need a new track every time when i could just drag the render back to the source track… (a replace option would also be a solution- but I would like to see the render with channel settings work properly… - one of the main channel settings- the audio/fader levels are not transfered)
  5. Music is a live, vibrant moving, flowing thing (for me at least) If I always pause and stop to do things like offline processes, extra clicks etc. it is not flowing… - again… offline process is best suited for offline work…
  6. Many other reasons:P

Thanks for helping though… an idea is an idea=)