Render in Place / Replace

Is there a way to render in place to an existing track that was previously rendered to?

I’d like to be able to render to the first rendered audio track that has any added plugins on them instead of replacing them each time I do. I don’t want make track presets for each track or for small edits either.

How are you guys handling this? just using export audio mixdown then import? thanks

If you mean what I think you do, just drag the file to the track you want it to be on.

Yes, I can drag the files, then go back & delete the track but it takes alot of time up, especially when rendering more than one track. It’s further complicated when using a multis in Kontakt.

I’m still looking for a way that doesn’t duplicate empty tracks. When you want to render only one track of a Kontakt 16 channel multi you wind up with 16 tracks, then I need to move it to an existing track with plugins set up for any previous render, then go back & delete all the other 16 tracks.

Trying to render in place an orchestral piece with 16 mutlis with 16 channels each turns into a real mess, too much wasted time deleting & moving tracks plus too much room for error.

Of course I could be doing it wrong but I haven’t received any solutions or answers when I ask here either way…

Render in place is a great feature but seems very limited for normal project handling.

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I’ve just been trying to work out how to do this in Cubase 11 Pro and as far as I can tell, there’s no way to do it. What would be great is some sort of linked track which updates when you render in place any events on the VST track instead of creating a new one each time with an new obscure name.

I’ve just been reading about the freeze function and I think that perhaps this is more like what I was trying to achieve and has the same affect in terms of reducing CPU usage