Render in place - resets loudness value

after render in place is done (any settings),it resets all loudness values in meter panel.
i do not see why it should do that.

I could imagine that if you render something in place but have processing after that rendered event the loudness could end up being different, no?

hi Mattias, the point is that this meter records integrated loudness of entire nuendo project (we are aiming for -23lufs integrated) and that is important because it is a delivery spec.
and if you render in place something in the middle of mix (ie, half way trough a 1,5 h epizode), it resets the values. this should not happen!

I understand what you’re saying, what I’m saying is that if you have a signal path for an event where you have a plugin that increases loudness, then if you render that in place but post-plugin and then leave the plugin active the loudness is going to change because you’re effectively running that event through the same plugin twice - meaning the loudness reading will no longer be accurate.

So I get what you’re saying, but unless I’m missing something there could be a reason for not trusting the value after a render.

every thing you said is correct, but the issue is diferent.
it ressets to ZERO, and that means that all measurement you did BEFORE render in place is LOST.
integrated measurement records loudness “over longer time”, meaning if i playback entire project from start to finish, it should read -23lufs.
start mix of a 1,5 h documentary (big dinamic range, quiet scenes, explosions,big ambience scenes), you maintain -23lufs along the mix. half way through you render in place something and it RESETS your integrated loudnes to zero. now, you can continue mix and aim for -23, but it than records loudness only after that point.this is not good because integrated loudness needs to calculate the whole “program”, this can lead to "louder first part, lower second part"mix.
i hope what i wrote here make sence :slight_smile:
@Fredo your thoughts???

sory for caps, no disrespect here :slight_smile:

What if you activate “Hold on Stop”?
If this option is activated, the values for Integrated, Range, and True Peak are held when playback stops.


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Will check tomorow

This must happen. Integrated value has to reset after something changed or playback is stopped.
It needs to start again from the beginning.

Yes. That is correct.

Of course, it has to start from the beginning to be correct. Otherwise, it would be wrong.
That’s the nature of the integrated loudness value. It integrates it’s value over time.

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I know how it works, I do mixes for broadcast all the time.

I think you probably have to consider just how the measurements work in more detail though if you’re going to rely on this. I know that I’ve done some mixes on someone else’s system where they prepped for me and they had the measurement in “latch” mode (iZotope Insight) and it really threw me off. The problem is that if I’m mixing I might be in the correct range all the time, but I might redo sections several times to get them the way I want. So if all passes are above average and I keep repeating those sections then that gets logged into the metering plugin. It adds up.

In other words I’m not so sure we can rely on the metering just picking up where we left off and keeping only one value - the latest value - for any given section. If you repeat the section I think the value compounds with each successive pass, which in turn makes the average value inaccurate. (I’ll try this the next time I open a project up)

No problem. :slight_smile:

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