Render in place & send automations

Hi there,

I would like to render in place, using the function “channel settings”… so it renders all inserts of the track, but not the FX busses.
Works well, it does copy the send settings, but not its automations. Am I missing a setting somewhere ?



Do I understand you right, if I describe it this way?

  • Add an Audio track, Audio event.
  • Add a FX Track to the selected (Audio) track.
  • Draw an automation curve for the Send 1: plug-in - Level.
  • Make sure no Audio event is selected in the Audio track, and the Audio track is selected.
  • Render in Place > Render Settings: Channel Settings.
  • Click Render.

=> New Rendered track is created and the Send 1 is routed to the FX Track, but the automation of the Send 1: plug-in - Level is not applied (the curve is not copied and the Automation is not Read enabled).

Is it the same what you have described?

If yes, I can reproduce it here and I report it to Steinberg.