Render in Place - Stereo Bug?

So, if I Render in Place my EzDrummer drums, we know that Cubase creates “stereo” tracks for all renders, regardless of the tracks original output. In EzDrummer, everything is mono except room and ambient mic configs, but (for eg:) the snare is rendered in stereo when using Render in Place.

However, if I throw FabFilter’s Pro-Q and try to EQ the sides, it does nothing, and if i solo/preview just the [side] band, I hear nothing.

Using the same snare track, if I throw Trigger 2 on there, and replace/blend a snare sample in, then the side EQ works.

Any ideas as to why this happens?

What do you want to achieve?

-> you can use the “audio export” function to “render” to mono and automatically place the “rendered” audio into the project if you want mono renders…

Dont have Ez or trigger so i cant really help with that…

Hope this helps some…

Thought this was no longer the case in the latest releases…

From the Manual (Page 451):-
• For the render options Dry (Transfer Channel Settings) and Channel Settings, the resulting audio tracks keep the formats of their source tracks. A mono track results in a mono track.
• For the render options Complete Signal Path and Complete Signal Path + Master FX, the resulting audio file format is determined by the output channel of the source track. A mono track that is routed to a stereo bus results in stereo audio files.

If all sounds are still routed out via EZ Drummers main (stereo) output - meaning you only have one stereo channel in Cubase’s mixer to deal with - then your Render In Place action is going to result in a stereo file.

Hope that’s helping - sorry, don’t know about the other stuff with FabFilter Pro Q or Trigger etc…

Even better:p

Hmm (re: the underlined part above) … I wonder if your output actually is mono (i.e., if actually the L/R sides are identical rather than true stereo).

To test whether your output is stereo, or actually mono: can you run it through one of those plug-ins that shows “how stereo-ized” the track is? Or failing that, if you use Cubase to split that stereo-appearing track into two, do they null with each other?