Render in Place to a MONO track

I don’t see this request elsewhere, so here goes.
(I know workarounds, but they should not be necessary.)

I too would like this.

Quicker than currently having to export and reimport.

I posted this request a few months back twice and also after I purchased C9 (thinking it would have been included), but NO !

I use EZDrummer and the Kick, Snare and Hats are all in MONO, but when they arrive in Cubase, it’s a stereo track and you can’t change it.
Maybe this time next year with a new V10 UPDATE.

Yeah this is one I really need! Will save on processing using only mono plugins. :slight_smile:

Not on 9 yet, but always wanted a ‘bypass faders’ options as well.


+1 to render to a mono track

+1 to render to a mono track

Another +1 to render mono tracks to mono and stereo tracks to stereo when Exporting multiple audio tracks at a time. Currently all the tracks which get exported are exported as stereo, even though they’re mono.

+1, was a glaring omission for C8 and now just silly for it not be included

Are you on Cubase 9? Because this was changed with with 8.5 or an update to both 8 and 8.5, I’m not sure because i have 8.5, but they did fix this.

I requested this also. I don’t understand why a mono option wasn’t included. Having to switch to a mono output before rendering is a pain in the behind!


+1 for sure




We shouldn’t have to pay any upgrade for render in place mono…
Don’t reserve it for the .5 version, please, don’t take us for fools. It’s more a requeriment than a request.

There is this from the Manual…:-

_- For the render options Dry (Transfer Channel Settings) and Channel Settings, the resulting audio tracks keep the formats of their source tracks. A mono track results in a mono track.

  • For the render options Complete Signal Path and Complete Signal Path + Master FX, the resulting audio file format is determined by the output channel of the source track. A mono track that is routed to a stereo bus results in stereo audio files._

I haven’t experimented myself…

+1 here.

+1 yes plz… who works with stereo drums tracks unless they are pre-effected with stereo fx???
id like render to mono please for dry tracks that dont require stereo…
we record them in mono from an external source, it makes sense to allow render to mono from internal sources also.