(Render in Place) to work on Group tracks and FX tracks

I often wish if there is a quick way to render in place the signals coming from Group Tracks (or also FX Tracks) without the need to manually rendering and re-importing these parts.

How it works:

  • Maybe we can use the Range Selection tool to select the area we want to render, and after rendering, we will have the part in a new audio track.
  • We can apply this on Group Channels, Folders, FX, and even Stereo Out.

Why we need it?

  • It saves time by quickly bouncing parts without manually rendering and re-importing.
  • When rendering FX channels, this will provide flexibility, resource optimization, and creative potentials.

I hope this is useful.


Gave a like because I’m out of votes. I’m sure I have some uses for it.


Just wondering… Why the Export Audio Mixdown doesn’t work for you here, please?

It works fine, of course it does. It’s just that render in place works faster (one key press if settings have been made beforehand), without having to go through the export panel and change names, select buses etc…

The short answer:
Simply, Render in Place is much faster and intuitive than Export Audiomix down, with fewer clicks, and you are done.

Detailed answer:
When we use (Export Audio Mixdown) we are in the mindset of exporting a finished mix or final stems outside Cubase and the project folder.
unlike the Render in Place, it’s for (Work In Progress!!) we use it to quickly render parts to use inside our Cubase session, we can quickly render things as blocks and or separate events, we use it when our minds are focused on production mode, we are not exporting outside Cubase here, and we don’t need to render out lots of files outside of the project directory (or worrying about setting a location to export these temp files), the accumulation of these files will clutter our hard drives with WIP stems.

Not to mention the Render in Place has useful settings like ( rendering dry signal and transfer channel settings, properties of tail …etc)

And what I’m suggesting here is as a feature request, I’m not looking for a walk around because that’s what I already do every day, I use the Export Audio Mixdown for this stuff but it’s boring and mentally consuming, that’s why we are suggesting features, to optimize workflow without the need to worry about these boring walkarounds.