Render in Place work with different output routing?

Hi there… Does render in place work when setting an audio device (such as a synth) in the output routing of the midi track ?
or is it a bug in 9.0.30?

Because render works with everything else as expected

I don’t understand the question. RIP will render whatever track or tracks you select. The audio files generated can be routed however you wish afterwards.

You can’t render midi tracks because they do not have audio output. You have to render the instrument or audio track. If I for instance have multiple midi tracks on separate midi channels using my external Roland JV1080 and I only want to render ch. 1 I would have say piano on ch. 1, pad on ch. 2, etc.? I solo the midi track ch. 1 and set the JV1080 instrument track also on ch. 1 and solo this. Then select the instrument track and now it will render the audio that’s played back from ch. 1.
Also keep in mind that all ‘active’ output channels of a synth will be rendered regardless if they are muted or not. If you only want specific outputs to be rendered you need to temporarily disable the others.