Render in Place

After using Render in place on mac OS X el capitan 10.11… render in place will not open the render in place dialog… it will work 2-3 times then it stops and will not open, close the session and reopen it is as before and it still :astonished: will not open …try a different project that i haven’t used render in place and it works fine for 2-3 times and then it won’t open in this session any help or is this a bug

thought it was vocalygn causing the render function not opening when selecting but after doing any type of edits and then a render in place… i might use 2 -3 times it will not open in that session anymore i can open a new session that i haven’t used render in place on and click render in place and it will open help

this happening on a track that i have used render in place on …if i do additional edits and try to do a new render in place on this track it will not open the render dialog… tried on a different track and the render dialog screen opens i don’t know what to do …tried this selected 3 tracks 2 that had not been render in place and the 1 track that i had used render in place on…render dialog will open do a render in place …the 2 tracks with no render in place will do the render in place but the track that had been rendered before will not render .