Render loop region?

Is there a way to render in place or bounce a bunch of audio tracks while retaining the starting point of the loop region? In order words, I’d like all of the files to be the same length as the loop region even though some of the tracks don’t start until the second, third, fourth bar of the region. This way it’s easier to move around the project (and my OCD is satisfied). Right now this is the result (see pic).

The obvious answer is to render the tracks but that’s a whole lot more BS than it’s worth.

Thank you

Note: So as a clunky solution I added an audio snippet with silence to the beginning of each line to render it the way I’d like but it would be great if I can tell Cubase to bounce all audio like this. Cheers.

Depending on what version of CB you have, you could a Export>Audio Mixdown of the tracks between the marker regions and have that placed right back into the project (and in the audio pool).

This would result in each audio track starting at the same point.

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Use the Range tool and highlight all of the regions on the track/s to length and use Render-in-Place.
You can also use the key command Bounce Selection. Same result, but Bounce Selection is much faster.