Render multiple "all marked regions" at the same time

I’ve mentioned this in another post but was slightly off-topic so I’m creating it’s own post…

When rendering multiple regions from a Montage, I believe Wavelab processes each region in sequence. Waiting for the previous region to finish before starting the next.

I appreciate that each region requires a single CPU core and the load can’t be spread across multiple cores. However would it be possible use process multiple regions at the same time? Thus being able to use more CPU cores and saving lots of time.

For me, and I’m sure many others, then this would be a massive time saver. I typically master a project/album in one montage. Once the analog captures have taken place and final processing is done, I bounce off the final masters. CPU hungry, post-analog processing plugins can take quite some time to render. Even on a fast machine. Being able to spread this via multiple cores would result in huge time savings.

We all have lots of CPU cores lying idle when using Wavelab. It would be good to find some ways of utilising them.

+1 for this. I’m not sure if it would help me because I do my initial “heavy lifting” render as one long pass instead of region by region. I save the region by region rendering as an additional pass so I can mitigate any plugin rendering issues for gapless tracks etc.

That said, I’ve always felt that rendering speeds (at 96k) felt a bit slow and when I got my maxed out M1 MacBook Pro I expected more of an increase in rendering speed. It’s faster but not seriously faster.

Any improvement on rendering speeds would be very much welcomed.

yep I agree here too, it would be a huge timesaver on my final masters, I do render out of different montages at the same time which appears to works well,