render multiple out instrument does not work

render is a cool option.
But render kontakt or omnisphere multiout is a nightmare.
first because you can select wich track / instrument / output to render… wich is a bit weird because you end up rendering 16 intrument where you maybe need just one. That could be “solved” if the other midi track instruments where MUTE or if the instrument you want to render is solo… or selected … i don’t know anything but not render all instruments.

but also i have a bug now. i have this kontakt instance with 9 instruments to 9 outputs.
but output 9 is missing in the render.
i tripled checked that all outputs are activated and properly connected to their respectives midi tracks. :angry:
so for multiped outputs instruments best is still the channel batch export… and manually assign the track… color… move in folders blabla… waste of time.

do you have another way of doing render ?