Render > Naming Scheme > CD TRACK NUMBER

I can not find the option to include CD Track Numbers into the file naming scheme when exporting “All CD Tracks In Group” as multiple files.

No matter what I choose from the naming scheme menu, there is not Track Number in the rendered file.

This seems to be a problem since every version of wavelab since v8 at least. PLEASE HELP !!!

Do you get a file for each track when choosing "“All CD Tracks In Group”? Normally this function is reserved for rendering a single file for each vinyl or cassette side as one long file.

When I want to render a WAV (or mp3) of each CD track, I choose “All Regions” and “CD Tracks” as the Render Source, and then I with the Numeric Prefix Naming Scheme, WaveLab automatically adds the track number to the rendered file name.