Render Options Fade in/out at Boundries

ok I have another one, I thought this meant clips would fade in/out to each other but I’m seeing no fades at all when using this. Looking for a clearer explanation …

FWIW. the fade in/out is there, but it’s VERY short and subtle. I think it’s mostly meant to mitigate ticks, pops, and abrupt starts that cause an artifact rather than be an audible fade.

I just did a test using a continuous test tone for simulated CD tracks, which is part of my test rendering procedure.

Here, you can see that a short fade out/in occurred:

And the fade length might be tied to this setting in the WaveLab Preferences but I am unable to test this right now:

yes thats it Justin, thanks
also I checked those preferences and it maxs out at 500ms, pretty short, but its there.