Render Queue like in Reaper

I find myself using Reaper more and more (although it feels much less elegant and smooth than Cubase) because it has a Render Queue. You can create mix bounces by adding them to a Render Queue and then later render them all at once. When I’m writing and making sketches, it means I can quickly move on to other things, or keep working in the session without having to wait for things to bounce. Then I can bounce everything on a break or when I leave. Please add this feature, Steinberg.

+1 thats a great FR!

And just to clarify, you can add your mixdowns to the render queue from different projects and then Cubase would open each of those projects one after the other and render the bounces one at a time. THat’s how Reaper’s Render Queue works.


Reaper has many incredible features like this. I fear that Cubase won’t/can’t have them because the code for Reaper is so much more efficient and fast in operation.

While I agree with the first thing you said, I have to say that on my system Cubase feels partly faster and more smooth. Maybe that was the case some years ago, but now I’d say they are at least on par. Graphic stuff is way smoother on Cubase (for high resolution monitors especially) also some audio buffer settings work better here on Cubase.

Reaper is faster for me on my Mac – feels razor sharp, though Cubase is pretty good these days. I meant more the efficiency of the app itself – tiny footprint yet incredibly deep, and doesn’t feel laden with old code…i.e. they update it and often make changes directly from requests very, very fast. I’m so used to Cubase that I can’t switch yet, but we will see.

Anyway, I don’t want to derail this thread. :slight_smile:


Could you be more clear about how you would do this in Cubase? I believe they really missed the mark with the new Export Mixdown window by not allowing you to save a mix, then a different mix, etc, then bounce all in one go. Similar to how they missed the mark in the Mixer Snapshots, which do not save MUTE states if you can believe it.