Render/saving multiple files(copies)

Hi :slight_smile:
I’m doing quite a lot digitizing session (from 1/4" tape,or other analog sources), and often ending up with a edited file in WL. From there I’ve to make several different copies(version) out of that digitized file, e.g: one “original” in 24b/96khz,one for CD 16b/44.1khz,and two mp3’s e.g 40kb mono and 128kb stereo. Is there any way in WL 7 to set up a kind of Render list? As will let me choose all the versions I want out of my one file in the workspace, and then hit “Render”, and go on doing other stuff in the meanwhile… :slight_smile:

Do you mean you want to render a single file to multiple formats?

Yes, in one go… kind of: setting up a list with, e.g five different formats(out of the one file I’ve just edited), and then pressing “Render all” or something…:slight_smile:

This is not currently possible, even in 8. But this is under consideration.

Ok,will be greatful if it could be implemented in the coming (updates)/versions… :slight_smile:
At the same time, it would be nice to reach that functionality from the Batch file conversion menu as well :slight_smile:
(in the preservation/Library buisness this would be an major advantage! )