Render SECOND Pass When Bouncing

I’m trying to create a perfectly looping audio sample. I have my source audio, I have a reverb tail, and when I enable cycle, the sound loops perfectly within the locators.

But it doesn’t work the first time, because the reverb tail of the end needs to bleed into the beginning. Which is why the perfect loop is only established when the locator region plays the second time or more.

Exporting this region using cycle markers does not work for this reason.

Feature Request: Add an option to bounce in place and audio mixdown that says “Render Second Pass”. Every bit of audio in this bounce process will play twice internally! And only the second time it is recorded or bounced to file.

This allows for reverb tails to bleed into the beginning and creating good loops or also ambiences that have a lot of reverb and first need to warm up. For game sound this is necessary to create ambience loops.

Work arounds make the world go around…
What if you duplicate the part you want to process and record the latter part with punch in at the precise start of the latter part?
Or make even more duplicated parts and then just record those and edit the the first part out of it when done. Yhen bounce?


Just as an idear, this would be the way i would do it:

  1. create a grouptrack and route your whole session to that bus (like a master bus)
  2. route the output of the track to “no output”
  3. creat a master print audio track (audio track of your format - stereo/5.1/whatever)
  4. route that master grouptrack you created as input for that master print track
  5. route that master print track output to your monitor path
  6. select your cycle
  7. set recordmode to cycle record
  8. hit record and do your X passes…
  9. select the pass you like the most and export that
  10. be happy!

actually, in post production, almost everyone who works professional will work like that to print their masters/ outputs.
I would never ever use an offline bounce - i need to know what has been on track/ tape bevor i would deliver it. So its a realtime print to track all the time :wink: !

This is for a game project, where I need a complex ambience sound to loop. That’s why I’m looking for this function. It’s not to deliver it to the client, it’s to make a loop that I can then implement into the game project myself to loop.

I see there are workarounds and I did it as Tumppi said, I created several copies and bounced one big file and then cut it in an external editor so it loops. But this is cumbersome and adds minutes to each sound, while it could be so much simpler when there just was an option to bounce second pass. That’s why I posted it in the feature request forum :slight_smile: This is quite common for me to be wanting that for game audio work, as there I need to do many loopable sounds where this would come in handy.

But your idea sounds good, too, basicX, as a workaround. To cycle record and select the pass that works. Thanks for this idea!


There’s a second pass bounce in Logic. Pity there isn’t one in Cubase.

What you could do is triple up your part. So for example if your song is 4 bars. Make it 12 bars. So duplicate all the midi and audio parts 3 times. Bounce this out. Then pull the bounced part into a new project set at the same tempo, and cut off the first 4 bars, and last 4 bars. Then you have your middle section that will include the tail from the end going into the beginning of the next.

Bit of an extra few steps. But you reverbs tails and swells will be included so that it loops seamlessly