Render sounds different than live playback on multitrack


I had a situation where a client needed a sound louder in a stereo master so we added it as a stem on top of the original mix.

The track had some plugins on the main track that the new stem didn’t. When playing back live it sounds fine but when I render it the new stem sounds lower in volume and tonally different.

I assume this is down to some latency issue throwing off the phase.

Anyone experienced this where latency is calculated differently on an offline render?

I can just render it realtime to get around it but it makes me wonder what’s happening now on offline renders when using multitracks.

There were some UAD plugins on the main track so that might be the issue.


A difference of latency would cause “echo like” like effect. I rather think one your plugin is changing the phase of the audio signal (or some part of its frequencies), hence mixing with the other clip, could cause harmonics changes and level change.

Not sure the idea to add the clip as a stem on top of the original mix is a good idea.

Hi PG, thanks. The clip sounds fine mixed with the original stereo bounce when playing back realtime though. It’s only on render that the phase is changed.

So it seems there is a very small change happening on render causing it to shift maybe a few samples off, just enough to change the tone and volume.



Render stem by itself to avoid “a few samples off”
and insert to old Montage or new and line up sample accurate.

regards S-EH

Try to find which plugin is causing this.

Sure, will let you know what I find.

Thanks again.

That would work but I’ll try to find the plugin doing it.