render to DOP


I like DOP and render in place. Great tools that change the workflow !
The problem with dop is with some complex effects that need some adjustments and you’r working on a long file that need nuendo to render. Or if you want some automation but DOP is stuck with one setting obviously.
problem with render in place is it creates track you need to manage, delete, etc.

i would like to be able to :
1 - set a plugin on the Inserts
2 - select an event (or more) on the track where this plug in is now set
3 - go to the insert where there would be an icon available on the plugin window like : “Render to DOP” (with options on tail)

it would create a DOP of the selected event based on the settings of that specific insert and burn it with it’s automation and automatically Bypass / Deactivate / remove plugin (based on some default settings like the ones available in Render window)

from there going now to DOP window you can see this insert converted into a process in the process list available to mute or remove.

tell me if there’s a better way and if this idea is worth or not.