Render Tracks - multiple MIDI = error


i use omnisphere as vsti. in omnisphere i create a multi (8 tracks) sent to 8 different outputs.
in nuendo i activate those 8 st outputs.
i have 8 midi tracks all going to the omnisphere instrument.

when i select all regions from those 8 midi tracks and do render track nuendo does 8 x 8 exports i end up with 64 tracks ! 56 i need to grab empty audio from, trash / delete from hard drive then delete tracks…

in w8 it would only render all tracks once.
in w8 there was also a problem if you want to render only one midi track, you would select the midi regions on that track but end up with as many outputs as you have tracks activated for that vsti forcing you to manually deleted tons of empty audio files and deleting usless tracks. that was already annoying but here i don’t understand what is going on.

i do something wrong ?

Why do you need 8 different outputs?

If all of them were sent to one main output, and you do a render, it’ll work as planned.