Render wav file with original BWF Time Reference

I would like to batch render several WAV files (format conversion) with the same time code (BWF Time Reference) as the original WAV files. Is it possible to do it automatically without entering it for each file? I need to keep this information, in particular for spotting in Pro Tools to the right timecode.

If you render WAV from the batch processor, this information should be preserved. Did you try?

I have only tried with one file (render).
The original one has a Time Reference: 14 h 24mm 35s 20ms 80smp (checked inside the info panel of WL)
The new one (same file converted to 48khz 24b with Meta-Data set to inherit from source File) has a Time Reference: 28 h 49mm 10s 41ms 32smp.
In soundminer, BW TimeStamp is seen as 28:49:10:01 and PT cannot spot it to the original timestamp.

Same result with batch render on two files.
Files are 5.0 interleaved bounced from pro tools 2021.12.

Your case was never reported before, yet is valid.
The problem is this one: the BWF time reference is stored in the file header as a number of samples, not as time. Hence it depends on the sample rate.

But when doing a resampling of the audio file while the metadata is just transmitted (“inherited”), then the time reference becomes invalid, in regard to the new sample rate.

I will make a fix for this in WaveLab 11.1, but sorry, there is no solution but a manual fix, for the time being.

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Thanks for checking, appreciated!
No hurries for me, I was just proofing a new workflow before committing to it on actual works.

How would one add a time reference metadata so can import to Nuendo at their timecode postions with just a couple clicks?