Render wave file for external device (H6)

Does Cubase on windows 10 render wav files with permissions stopping it from playing on devices? The wav file is fine in apps, but on my handheld it plays but without sound.

No, it does not.

Try the different meta data options… maybe your device don’t like a part of them…

Curiously, .wav files created and rendered from Wavelab LE 9.5 instead of Cubebase LE 9.5, they do play on my H6 device.

Cubase has an odd “broadcast wave” default, is this ever a “signature compatibility” issue across devices? (ISRC related?)

Changing the preference value for “broadcast wave” in Cubebase to be what Wavelab uses, maybe worth a try - anyone know what it is?

broadcast wav is not the problem by itself… the H6 should write broadcast wav as well

ISRC codes are not written by default, you have to provide them, but I believe Cubase can’t write ISRC codes
but Cubase writes other metadata, maybe there are parts that make a problem with the H6
you should try different settings…