'Renderer for Dolby Atmos'-Plugin doesn't load


the “Renderer for Dolby Atmos”-Plugin doesn’t work on my installation of Cubase Pro 12.0.20. The plugin seems to crash on load. When Cubase tries to load the plugin it freezes for a few seconds and goes back to normal.

Any ideas what to do about that? Reinstallation maybe? But is it at all possible to reinstall that plugin only, or do I have to reinstall the whole contents package, or even Cubase itself? I’d very much like to avoid that! :smiley:

FYI: I updated from Cubase 11 and didn’t do a full reinstall.


Side note.
There is no update per se. Cubase 11 and Cubase 12 are both separate installations and can happily live installed side by side on the same computer.
If you didn’t uninstall Cubase 11, you should have both versions available.

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That I knew. I thought it could in theory be possible that something went wrong with the syncing the content. As far as I know content packs are installed separately and don’t necessarily need a full installation. But I obviously don’t know where the Renderer is located and whether that could at all be an issue…

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