Rendering - addictive drums issue

I am using Nuendo 11.0.40. I have the latest version of Addictive Drums with the latest revs recently installed. I have AD2 setup on a VI Track and the outputs in AD2 set to Separate Out (Post Fader) as instructed. The issue is that when I “render in place” the midi file, I am only getting the individual kit pieces and not the Overheads or Room. Can anyone help me understand what I may being doing wrong. Thanks!

I tested a render and no problems. Look in the Addictive Drums window. You have to select the little drop down arrows separately for the OH, Room and Bus channels. If they are properly selected there, then make sure they are active in Cubase via the inspector window (click on arrow). Hope this helps.

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Have you turned on the outputs on the vsti intself? I’ll post a pic, I do use Addictive Drums all the time in N11 and N12.

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These outputs should show up in your mixer and timeline now.
Is that what you were looking for? Cheers.