Rendering Audio Montage Problem

I have recently used Wavelab 11 to produce a DDP image for Cd replication.

To do this I opened a new audio montage , placed all my pre mastered wave files on one track and just used the Meta Normaliser to even out the loudness of all the audio files before creating the DDP image.

How do I now go about rendering all my meta normalised audio files to waves for sending to CD Baby?

I have tried but all the 14 audio files are rendered to just one really long audio file?

What do you exactly mean?

I’m away from a computer right now but in WaveLab Pro you can render a WAV file of each CD Track in one command from an Audio Montage. It requires selecting the correct options in the “Render Source” section. All Regions / CD Tracks if my memory is correct.

CD Baby is of course still living in the past and requires 16-bit/44.1k audio even though pretty much all digital distributors accept better than CD quality audio now.

1 Like is an online distributor of music who place your music with the likes of Spotify and Apple Music etc

Thank you so much PG1 for your kind help which has answered my problem!

Delighted to have this sorted, step forward and take a bow, you’re a genius :pray:t2::blush::+1:

Thank you Justin for replying to my question, apologies as I am only seeing it now for whatever reason.

You of course were correct even though you were away from the computer!

Then again, you’re an expert, have watched some of your videos but couldn’t seem to pinpoint the solution.

Thanks again and keep up the good work :pray:t2::blush::+1: