Rendering audio montage taking much longer

i am using windows 10 pro version 1903. my audio interface is an apollo x8p. i have been mastering with version 9.5, and still am, without any problem.

when i have tried to playback an audio montage through my normal plugin chain in the master section of wavelab 10, unless i have my buffer size set to 512 or lower, i have a huge spike in processor load and a number of my plugin chains that play easily in wavelab 9.5 cripple the processors in wavelab 10.

also, my normal master section plugins that have worked well in wavelab 9.5 are taking 2x or 3x as long to render in wavelab 10 . today a 4 minute song took 8 minutes to render. I’m working with 64 bit 44.1 mixes from cubase 10.

my normal master plugin chain includes a number of universal audio plugins like the manly massive passive and the pultec eq as well as the ampex atr tape plugin. i also use the softube weiss ds1-mk3 and the weiss de esser along with izotope ozone 9. when i tried removing different plugins to see if there was a culprit or several culprits, i found that the universal audio plugins particularly added time to the rendering in wavelab 10, where they do not in wavelab 9.5. in wavelab 9.5, rendering a 4 min song with the master section slots full of the plugins i’ve mentioned would at most take 3 min to 3:15-- but usually less.

To sum up, even with a buffer size set to 512, rendering with UAD plugins is slow. That’s what you say?

yes. the same plugin chain in 9.5 is 2 to 3 min for a 4 min song: 64 bit 44.1k. in wl 10 it takes 2x as long. when i experimented with removing plugins, the ua plugins seemed to add the most time to the rendering process-- a minute or two per plugin in the case of the manley massive passive and the ua 176

I will have to investigate this. Do you have the same asio block size in WaveLab 9.5 and 10?

sorry, where do i set the asio block size? having trouble finding it in the manual

My question was really stupid, because this setting is independent from WaveLab, hence this is the same for all applications. Nevertheless, it would be interesting to know the value.
This is something you edit from the control panel of your audio device.
This one can be opened from the WaveLab Audio Connections dialog, where there is a button labelled “Control Panel”.

sure, in my console settings for my apollo system, i don’t have a setting for asio block size, but here is what i’m currently set at:
sample rate 44.1, clock source internal, buffer size 512, input delay compensation medium, cue buss count 2, alt count 0, headroom +20db, monitor mode stereo.

i don’t know if that adds anything to the conversation, but for what it’s worth…
by the way, thank you for looking into this phillipe

just an update after more experimentation with different plugin chains. it doesn’t seem to matter whether i am rendering an audio montage, or just a single file through the master section. the main difference in render time seems to be with all of the ua plugins that i have tried.

for comparison, i have the softube summit audio grand channel, tube tech classic channel mk ii, master rig and the weiss ds1-mk3 as a plugin chain, and the render time is only 1 min on a 6 min 24 bit 44.1 song. but if i add the massive passive or the other ua plugins i’ve tried, the time doubles or triples. simply adding the massive passive to the chain extends the render time to 4:30.

hope this helps in some way. thanks

I have the same problem: I want to render a file using 4 UAD plugins (Cambridge, Pultec, Elysia alpha and Precision Limiter). No problem in WL 9.5 Pro. A 18min file is rendered in 12min. My UAD DSP meter shows 61%
In WL 10 pro the Elysia plugin needs so much power, that it can’t be used in any combination with the other plugins. It’s the same plugin - so the problem must be with the combination WL 10 & UAD.
Also, the new Audioprocessor meter in WL 10 never doesn’t go down, if I stop playback - so this might be an indication, that something is wrong with memory management.

Thanks for documenting this. I’ll give the same ua plugins a try and see what I get in terms of render time.

Interestingly, that plugin chain doesn’t adversely affect my rendering time. But if I add the Manley massive passive mst plugin, then I have the same problem.

I am also having this problem, and it’s a deal breaker. 16 minutes to render a track that with the same exact plug in chain renders in 3 minutes in WL8.

Please remedy this issue so I can update to version 10.

Thanks for your experience.

This problem has made WL 10 unusable in my work flow too. But I really like the new features! Hope there is a fix sooner than later…