Rendering Dorico in the Broswer


Does anyone has tried to publish a music typeset in Dorico on the web?

I need:

  1. Music to be shown on popular browsers: Chrome and Firefox
  2. a playback control with a cursor showing in the music notation.

I suppose one would export the Dorico file to MusicXML and use an API/library (HTML5 and JavaScript ( client/server-side)) to render it in the internet browser.

Is that possible to hide the music from the client and also have it supported for popular platforms ( iOS, android, win, macOS)?

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Basically you are looking into developing something like the company behind the open source scoring app has on the web and mobile. That is not a small task, and playback will be poor / you will need to provide instrument samples.

Quick search turned out this though, might be interesting: No playback though as far as I can see.

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Is this what you are looking for?

I made a simple example here:

Just print to svg and tweak a bit the height and width in the svg.Put the svg in the img tag.

Export audio to mp3 and make a simple audio control. Put the mp3 in the audio source tag.

This is all basic HTML and I suppose works in all browers. I tested Edge, Chrome and Firefox.

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What about the playback cursor?

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Based on my experience, there is a colossal gap between what you really want and what you described you wanted.

mrtn16’s solution does fit your written specs.

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Myriad used to make a web plug-in that displayed and played music, based on XML, but they seem to have withdrawn it.

Sibelius’s Scorch is still available, but I think Avid have deprecated it in favour of their Cloud stuff.

I suspect ‘it’s a bit tricky’.

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Thank you for the feedback. I will edit my original post.
The one mrtn16 describes is a no brainer ( although I do appreciate his feedback). There is no connection between the playback control and the graphics they are two disjoint objects! This is among the first things, HS student learns when taking digital literacy class.

Embed SVG Directly Into HTML Pages

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There’s certainly no simple way to create what you’re asking for. I agree it would be great! Even for a coding whiz, it might not be possible at present.

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We were fortunate to have a PhD student working with us for a few months earlier this year, and his work was in fact focused on precisely this kind of browser-based score display. In the time that he was working with us we got beyond the proof of concept stage, but not a lot further than that. Quite a lot of infrastructure has to be built to be able to author and host the content so that you can simply embed it in your own site, or on social media, etc., and neither developing nor running that infrastructure on an ongoing basis is free. So we need to both do some more technical work and also consider the business model for how we could fund such a service, since hosting music on the web ostensibly in perpetuity certainly does not come at zero cost.

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That is right. Thanks, Daniel for the input!

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